Hakodate Marunama Suisan

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Hakodate Marunama Suisan

As a specialty store of marine products, we offer a variety of "northern delicacies" carefully selected by connoisseurs and made with ingredients and cultivated techniques.

■Ikameshi (4 ikameshi in a decorative box)
The soft texture is characterized by the use of "hukkunkoko" and "fukunomochi" rice produced in Hokkaido.
■Hakodate-Sukuri-Ika-Shiokara (250g carton)
Using only domestically produced Japanese common squid, this salted squid is made with fish shoyu and honey to give it a sweet and mild taste.
■Salmon roe marinated in soy sauce
This traditional salmon roe and soy sauce marinade is made using only Hokkaido salmon roe and soy sauce.

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